Programming isn’t about what you know
It’s about what you can figure out

Fullstack Web Design

I master HTML, CSS/SCSS, Javascript and Vue for frontend. I use WordPress, Django and NodeJS for backend.

Game Development

I’ve been using Unity for 5 years to create mobile, web, desktop and VR games.

Bots and Automation

I learn more and more about Python everyday to create a lot of things.

Web Design

From simple showcase website to full dynamic fullstack website, I have a lot of experience in webdesign.


I design and implement branding for companies and organizations. From the choice of color, logo and banner design, to animation or video editing, my skills will allow you to enjoy a complete brand identity.

I am driven by values

Most of my projects are published in open-source, usually under the MIT license. Anyone can read, use, modify and event publish them. This is part of my struggle against private property and for a free internet.

Featured Work

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Willie Brown

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Sean Fisher

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