Waha Application

A mobile app for the students of the Athénée de Waha. The Waha application allows all students of the school to, in a few seconds: Receive live their personal schedule and all their changes Transfer an unlimited amount of files to the school cloud and… Read More »Waha Application

Bloom Master

Made in 48 hours for the Unity FR Jam. The theme was “Start with nothing” (Vous commencez avec rien). Play Music Credits All the music used in this game are royalty free or used with the permission of the composer Cyber Warrior – IaioBush Week – NihiloreAberration –… Read More »Bloom Master

Four Minecraft plugins

These are four Minecraft plugins I originaly made for the Garden MC french minecraft server. They now are public and open-source (MIT License). Feel free to use, edit and share them! XPPlus A Minecraft plugin that lets you bottle and unbottle your xp with commands,… Read More »Four Minecraft plugins


This game was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2020 in Liège. Botty is out of battery, help him quickly before he dies! Follow the instructions on the screen. Controls A-D / Arrows Music by Michel Dubois

The Big Gap

The Big Gap is a math paper written for MATh.en.JEANS 2018-2019. It was written in English in collaboration with students from Romania.

City of Souls

City of Souls was created in twelve hours for the event #FingersOut2 by Adam for the graphics, Purple Lemon, RenardChauve, other composers of the event for the music and I for the programming and game design. OST All those musics where made in 12h during… Read More »City of Souls

Worms Fight

This project was realized for the Global Game Jam 2019 at the HEAJ, in Belgium. It’s a local two players game. This game can be played with a keyboard (WASD and Arrows) or with two Xbox controllers (recommended). Turn the Joystick to move Catch the… Read More »Worms Fight