City of Souls

City of Souls was created in twelve hours for the event #FingersOut2 by Adam for the graphics, Purple Lemon, RenardChauve, other composers of the event for the music and I for the programming and game design.


All those musics where made in 12h during the event.

Haunted Hills – RenardChauve feat Purple Lemon
Fake Memory  – Bossoyok
Nos Souvenirs – Greg L. feat Ambre Vasseur
Mon Ami Imaginaire – Vincent Lepeigneul
Coma Idyllique – Wiiran, Matthieu Hennekinne & Solene Lesueur
Dark – RenardChauve feat Purple Lemon
Ghosts – Neo Official & Théo Ruffieux
Spectre – Owen Le Guen
Fantôme – Noam & Tom
Ville Fantôme – Funger Out
Transparence – Tu Connais La Chanson

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